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no more wasting time and fabric to make clothes you never wear

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by sewing? By all the patterns that are being released every day, all the pretty fabrics that you want to buy? Do you ever find yourself making clothes that you never wear, because they don’t fit in your lifestyle? Do you want to be more organised and thoughtful with your sewing?


It is a guide that will help you not only curate your current wardrobe, but it will also offer you all the tips and tricks to fill it with clothes that you will actually love to wear everyday.


The 123-page e-book consists of 5 chapters and there is also an extra 22-page workbook that goes hand in hand with it. In chapter 1 we will start with my two methods to curate your closet and then in chapter 2 we will move from theory to action. There are detailed steps on how to purge your existing closet, how to find the gaps in it, how to gather inspiration for the clothes you want to make. As soon as you identify your personal style and what you want to sew, the fun part begins. I am telling you all about how to choose the right sewing patterns for you, how to buy fabrics that complement each other, how to plan and prioritize your projects.

tips for better sewing

In chapter 3 I am sharing all my tips for better sewing. I am sharing my thoughts on mindful sewing and how to practice it, how to save money, how to be more productive with your sewing and all my tips on buying fabric online. You will also find useful resources on how to take care of your handmade clothes.

Chapter 4 is my own example. I am showing you how I organized my wardrobe and created 3 different collections of clothes, the ‘Black, Red, White collection’, the ‘Earthly collection’ and the ‘Stripes and dots collection’. I am sharing the patterns I used, what fabrics and where I got them from and talk about the logic behind each collection and why I designed it.

Chapter 5 is a contribution from my lovely friend, Hattie, who is showing you key pieces for your maternity wardrobe. She wore only handmade clothes during her second pregnancy, so she offers lots of suggestions not only on maternity patterns, but also ideas on how to use non-maternity ones and hack them to take you during your nine month journey and after that.


You are right. But, don’t forget that sewing clothes you never wear or clothes that don’t fit your lifestyle is not only a waste of your precious time, but also a waste of money. Also, it is not very sustainable to sew loads of garments that have no purpose. Isn’t it better to put your money and effort towards something you’ll  actually enjoy and love?

If I still haven’t convinced you, here’s what a few people that read my book said about it:

“For those of you who realised they want to start sewing clothes that they can actually wear every day and will fit seamlessly into their wardrobe, this is the perfect guide. Athina explains how to change your mindset when it comes to planning your sewing, so that you end up with a wardrobe full of clothes you love to wear and all pair beautifully together”.

Suzanna |

“Working my way through Athina’s e-book has given me a plan for my spring sewing that just makes sense! Rather than randomly making garments, I now have a clearer picture of my personal style and a direction to take my sewing that will lead to a functional, cohesive wardrobe, that blends seamlessly with ready to wear pieces I already have. A must for any sewist who is looking to create a cohesive wardrobe of handmade garments”.

Lisa | And Sew On

“Starting out on your handmade wardrobe journey can be overwhelming. Where do you begin? In ‘Sewing your dream wardrobe’, Athina guides you through creating a handmade wardrobe you’ll LOVE. From looking at your current wardrobe to working out which patterns you should use to create your dream handmade wardrobe, Athina has created a beautiful e-book & workbook to assist you on your journey.

The tips she shares are invaluable and I wish I had access to this e-book and workbook when I started on my own handmade wardrobe journey.”

Jessica |

“Sewing Your Dream Wardrobe is a beautifully-composed book and resource for dressmakers who would like direction for developing a cohesive, handmade wardrobe. The handbook is great for putting the theory into practice with ready-made worksheets you can use. I particularly liked the sections on assessing and cataloguing what you already have in your closet, grouping garments into different piles, and noting down what you’re missing, what you would like to replicate, any garments that require alterations, etc. I can imagine the maternity section would be a good resource for mothers-to-be. And the entire book is sprinkled with Athina’s personality; fun, friendly and fashionable! I will definitely be using the tips and techniques from the book and would certainly recommend it to others.”

Jennifer | g

“Athina’s book is amazing. It’s beautifully put together and laid out, the content and pictures are wonderful and the whole concept is so exciting and original – I think the community are going to LOVE it!!”

Gabby |

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who's this book for?

  • those who love having a huge closet, but hate feeling overwhelmed looking at it. It will help you identify the items you are missing from your wardrobe and the essential pieces that you’ll have to make in order to create a closet you’ll enjoy every day
  • those who prefer a more minimalistic approach, a capsule wardrobe if you may, and want to create a few staple pieces that are interchangeable with each other to create dozens of outfits
  • those who love sewing a lot of clothes but are ending up with separate pieces that don’t go with anything else in their wardrobe
  • those who are having trouble figuring out what to sew next. No more spending time on creating items you’ll never even get a chance to wear!

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